How to hack online

Just like most things right now - openhack has changed to adapt to the current state of the world - but this does not mean we've slowed down!
We're still coding, collaborating, and innovating for the better of humanity, and we're so happy to be doing it together with all of you on the hackathon weekend.

This page is here to help you navigate through the resources you'll need to get the most out of the online event. Feel free to reach out to any of us in the hackathon project team if you still have questions, and let's get hacking!

The Shawee hackathon platform

Shawee is an online hackathon platform where organisers, jury members, mentors and participants can collaborate virtually.

Depending on your role, you will have access to different modules and features that all help the teams and supporters communicate with each other about the projects and solutions the teams come up with for the hackathon cases.

Communication and interaction through Discord

A lot of us are already familiar with Discord - a social messaging platform similar to Slack, which allows users to connect via voice channels and text. This is also the communication method of choice for the Shawee platform.

The hackathon content is organised into channels in the openhack Discord workspace, with everything we need for the online hackathon.

Participation and team registration

        Registration through email link

        The hackathon participants will be sent an email from Shawee, with an invitation to register to the platform.

        Joining Discord

        Once signed in to the hackathon platform, participants will get access to a link to the openhack Gothenburg Discord.This is a good place to find a team if you haven't yet.

        Registering the team on Shawee

        Once you've finished networking and have a team for the hackathon, it's time to register your team on Shawee.Each team has to register their team name, as well as the names of all the team members.

        Ready to hack

        After your team has been registered in Shawee - it's time to get hacking!

        The project team, mentors, juries and case owners will be waiting for you in Discord.

        Project Submission

        What we need in the submission on Shawee :

          • Read me file: problem, description of the solution, the idea which stands behind the code, contact info for the team
          • File with the developed solution’s code 
          • Open source license
          • Presentation
          • 3 minute video with no audio, which will be used to present on Sunday.

          On Sunday, we will take the videos and the team will pitch live via voice on Discord! 

          In general, each team should describe all the files in their own folder. In README they should also add some hashtags connected to the topic (health/environment/economic).

          Navigating Discord

          There's a bunch of different openhack Discord channels to choose from - here's a quick rundown so you don't get lost and can spend your time focused on building something great.

          The WELCOME channels

          A channel with general welcome information.

          Go here to mingle and throw announcements.

          Something not working quite as you expected? Reach out here and we'll do our best to fix it.

          One of the best things about hackathons is making new connections - if that's your thing, this channel is for you.

          Not everyone joins the hackathon with a team, this channel is the place to find one.

          The INTERACTION channels

          This is a channel where you can post your teams solution to the challenge case of choice - but don't forget to make your final submission to Shawee for the jury consideration.

          In need of a break from hacking? Join this channel to listen in on what our awesome guest speakers have to share.

          The CHALLENGES channels

          In need of some guidance from a case owner? The channels in this category are all about the hackathon challenge cases.